EP-10 How to have faith with a lifetime of fear

1 thought on “EP-10 How to have faith with a lifetime of fear

  1. E-10, Those who criticized 30 second music in your segment, means they do not have capability to understand what and why are you preaching,
    I definitely agree that the fear exist in everyone of us, the definition of fear is something bad or good may happen in the next second that you don’t know what it is, and your faith courages you to succeed whatever you decide to do.
    Once my friend take me 100-150 ft hight top of the rock where swimmers jump from in the ocean, he said now I will jump from here to ocean can you follow me? wooow I looked to the water I said this is insane, scary, he said look at me and follow me, than he take 2 steps forward and he jumped to the ocean, I look down I said if he can I can, and I take 2 steps forward and jump to the ocean, that’s it ,after that we repeat many times with no fear, the matter fact it was fun.
    The most important in our life to freeze and block the sense of fear from your mind, and by any circumstances take your first step, the rest will be easy.
    Thank you for your voluntary services to those who are realy need your spiritual advises.

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