Everyone goes into marriage believing that it will last forever. Nobody ever says, “I’m planning on divorcing in 10 years.” Perhaps today, it is you who is now facing the reality of a divorce. Unfortunately, Divorce statistics are stacked against us as they show that over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Marriage in a post-modern age has proven to be incredibly difficult.

The pain after the divorce

While your in the battle of a divorce or separation, it’s easy to mask your emotions with anger. The truth is it’s our mask to protect our hearts from getting hurt. The pain we feel, the tears we cry, the suffering, and distress the whole process puts us through can be depressing!

All of this may have been a surprise to you and now you are left in shock and overwhelmed. It is very common to feel many different feelings like anger or sadness. Depression is usually the most common feeling one feels.

Counseling for divorce

I want you to know that today is a new day! You have come to this page because you are seeking help and strength. Because you have bravely explored for your own well being over your divorce, you have proven that you have potential to overcome this!

We are here to help you through this challenging time. We want you to feel strong and empowered.

Whether it’s getting over the pain of loved one’s, child custody battles, or financial battles, we are here to fully support you.

Divorce Counseling can help you through this very emotional time because you will finally get the support you need through this time.

Do you deserve this? YES!

Making decisions when you feel emotionally unstable is never wise!



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