EP-33 Is The Pope Wrong For Changing The Lord’s Prayer?

Original article about Pope and Lord’s Prayer here

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I disagree with most of Pope Francis stance on LGBT here.

I disagree that an atheist can be redeemed without faith is possible (2nd paragraph here).(Read Romans 10:14-17 )

Abortion pdf here

Word for word vs. Thought for thought Bible versions


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One thought on “EP-33 Is The Pope Wrong For Changing The Lord’s Prayer?

  1. Those who Traveled many countries, and speak more than couple language may agree or not Gary’s points, regarding Pop’s announcement of the word “Temptation’s” translations.
    Gary as a Pastor, Counselor and Bible teacher standing on the principal of what bible say and mean, regardless people’s different cultures or, in which century’s people lives.

    I have 2 questions for EP-33 clip listeners, Please express your opinion between….

    1- Should Pop Francis fantasize on Bibles principal words meaning?

    2- Or, Gary should be silent for anyone, who interpret Bible’s principal words meanings.

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