Original article about Pope and Lord’s Prayer here

I disagree with most of Pope Francis stance on LGBT here.

I disagree that an atheist can be redeemed without faith is possible (2nd paragraph here).(Read Romans 10:14-17 )

Abortion pdf here

Word for word vs. Thought for thought Bible versions


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Michael A · 12/18/2017 at 4:47 PM

Those who Traveled many countries, and speak more than couple language may agree or not Gary’s points, regarding Pop’s announcement of the word “Temptation’s” translations.
Gary as a Pastor, Counselor and Bible teacher standing on the principal of what bible say and mean, regardless people’s different cultures or, in which century’s people lives.

I have 2 questions for EP-33 clip listeners, Please express your opinion between….

1- Should Pop Francis fantasize on Bibles principal words meaning?

2- Or, Gary should be silent for anyone, who interpret Bible’s principal words meanings.

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