This week, we start up our series on the book of Acts:

    • Acts 1:1-2
      • Who’s Theophilus?
      • Grass Roots movements don’t work
      • Stay and wait!
      • Do we need the Old Testament?
    • Deuteronomy 32:8
      • When was mankind divided?
      • Genesis 11:7
      • Masoretic vs. Dead Sea Scroll vs. Septuagint
      • Witch of Endor?
    • Acts 1:3-4
      • Kingdom of God
      • Jerusalem- it’s important
      • Multiple Gods
      • “I and Father are one” nuances
    • Jeremiah 31
    • Ezekiel 11:14
    • Acts 1:5
      • Why are we given the Power?
      • Why am I here?

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