10 Ways To Be Thankful

EP-30 10 Super Practical Ways To Be Thankful No Matter What

10 Ways To Be Thankful


Continuing from our last show: EP-29 How To Be Thankful No Matter What

It’s too easy to forget the blessings we have. We have a tendency to focus more on the negative than the positive and THAT is where we must discipline ourselves.

It takes work to be thankful. It will be a conscious decision you must make sometimes daily. Is that too much for you? Is this where you say, “I quit”?

We laid down the ground work in our last show, so here are some practical ways, that I’ve shared in counseling sessions, to practice thankfulness:


Everything below is WORTHLESS if you’re just going to read it. I want you to be successful. That means that for you to have any success in what’s written below, you can’t just read it. You HAVE to ponder, pray, and take action on these ideas.

If you are willing to do this, then continue reading.


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