EP- 94 The Prince of Tyre in Ezekiel 28 and The Serpent

This week, we complete our thread of seeing Satan/ Lucifer being mentioned in multiple ways:
Genesis 2, Where do the deities dwell?, Isaiah 14 Review, Pride comes up again, Holding on to life less, Ezekiel 28 Learn More

EP-93 Is Isaiah 14 Talking about Lucifer?

When we read Isaiah 14, it can become confusing. It starts off talking to the King of Babylon, then out of nowhere, it starts talking about Lucifer? We discuss why this happens and what this chapter meant to the people of the day of Isaiah. Learn More

EP-90 What is True “Spiritual Warfare”?

In this weeks podcast, discuss Romans 3:

Pedestals in life
Who is righteous?
How to be righteous
“Programs” in Church
What is true “spiritual warfare”
How to boast Learn More

EP-89 Dealing with Conflict Part 7

In this weeks podcast, we continue on the issue of conflict:

Genesis 11
Words and Philosophy
“Giving it to God” can be the wrong expression
God meets us where we are
Building your altar to God Learn More