3 Great Ways to Relieve Stress

Most of us experience stress and many times, that leads us into panic mode and anxiety. We cry and complain about how sick we are of it, yet do nothing about it. You’re annoyed, yet you wallow in it.

Well, not to worry, you’re not the only one! Based on a recent study, 98% of


Americans suffer from stress and 64% of us tend to be on the more than mild side.

The top three things that cause the most stress, at least for millennial’s (ages 18-33), are work, money, and relationships.

Depending on what temperament you are, your stress will come from different places and your ways of coping will vary. For example: the Melancholy will tend to stress over money, while a Sanguine will tend to stress over relationships.

Stress is similar to a muscle. You could exercise your muscles, but you wouldn’t dare exercise the same muscle for 36 hours straight. Why not? Because you will STRESS OUT THAT MUSCLE! And when that muscle is stressed, it is useless until you LET GO and just let it relax. Relaxing it allows it to heal and even grow stronger.

Though I recommend that you learn what your temperament is to find the best ways to cope with stress and anxiety, the following should reduce some stress in your life.

Let go

Sure, I see you scoff at this, but have you tried it? You say, “That’s too easy!” Of course it’s easy, but it’s also easy NOT to do and I bet you haven’t let it go. Letting go of a situation releases the tension that you’re experiencing and gives your nerves a chance to relax. Take a walk, a nap, or call a friend. Don’t worry about your problem; it’ll be waiting for you when you get back. When you return to the stressful situation, the refreshed “YOU” will be better prepared to deal with issues.

Mini Vacation

I know it sounds funny and maybe you can’t afford a vacation right now. Well, you take a mini vacation instead! Take a ride to the country side or go to beach and read a book. Don’t like to read?  Watch and enjoy the waves. Go outdoors and enjoy nature. Don’t like the outdoors? Go to a museum, watch a movie, or get a massage at the mall. Any of these things take you out of your element and anything that takes you out of your element at times of extreme stress is generally good.

Find a Hobby

Again, it sounds so simple, but it is effective. Those things you were so passionate about, but have been putting off, do it! Start writing, playing sports, collecting, knitting, or take a class. The possibilities are endless!

Now if you haven’t caught on yet, we have just been building on our 1st point, which is to let go. We live in a society that is constantly go, go, go, which makes us neglect our own needs. This neglect keeps building until it becomes a stress.

Remember that these will help with mild issues and are not suitable for one who is extremely stressed out. If you are dealing with more than mild stress, anxiety, or depression, contact us immediately.

Gary Aris

-N.C.C.A. Professional Clinical Member -Ordained Minister, Lighthouse of Faith Christian Fellowship -N.C.C.A. Certified Temperament Counselor -N.C.C.A. Licensed Pastoral Counselor


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