This article is inspired by the episode titled “Walking With God Through Trials (Part 2 of 2)” on “Focus on the Family”. The episode requires deep diving into the topic of enduring faith through life’s trials, as illustrated by Michele Cushatt’s experiences and insights. This article will weave biblical principles with practical applications, offering an inspirational guide for Christians to understand and cultivate a resilient faith.

Introduction: The Journey of Faith Through Trials

In life’s journey, we often encounter storms that test our strength and shake our faith. Michele Cushatt’s story, shared on “Focus on the Family,” highlights how these trials are not just obstacles but opportunities to deepen our trust in God. Like Michele, who faced cancer and other challenges, we can learn to embrace God’s presence in our struggles and find peace in His promises.

Understanding Faith in Adversity

1. Faith Tested by Fire

Just as gold is refined by fire, our faith is tested by the trials we face. Michele’s battle with cancer was a furnace of affliction that tested her resolve and faith. Similarly, the Bible tells us about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who were thrown into a fiery furnace because of their faith (Daniel 3:16-28). Their miraculous deliverance exemplifies how God is faithful to those who trust in Him, even in the midst of life-threatening challenges.

2. Clinging to God in the Storms

Choosing to cling to God during difficult times is a profound act of faith. It is like Peter walking on water during a storm. When he focused on Jesus, he walked on water, but when he focused on the storm, he began to sink (Matthew 14:29-31). Michele’s choice to trust God mirrors Peter’s initial step of faith—both teach us the importance of focusing on God rather than our fears.

Building Blocks of a Resilient Faith

3. The Role of Lament and Humility

Expressing our sorrows and submitting ourselves to God are foundational to a strong faith. Lament allows us to pour out our pain before God, acknowledging our need for Him. The Psalms are filled with laments that express deep sorrow but always turn back to God’s faithfulness (Psalm 6). Humility helps us recognize our dependence on God, much like King David, who consistently sought God’s guidance and strength in his own life’s lows.

4. The Power of Relinquishment and Contentment

Letting go of our plans and accepting God’s will are crucial steps in strengthening our faith. Michele learned to relinquish her control and embrace the life God had for her, despite its hardships. Similarly, Paul learned to be content in every situation, trusting God’s provision and timing (Philippians 4:11-13). Both stories encourage us to trust God’s plan over our own.

Practices to Deepen Faith in Daily Life

5. Embracing Shalom: Peace Beyond Understanding

Shalom, or God’s peace, transcends simple calmness—it encompasses completeness and wholeness in God. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, promises this shalom to us, a peace that the world cannot give (John 14:27). By embracing this divine peace, we can face life’s chaos with a centered heart, knowing God holds our future.

6. Daily Steps Towards Spiritual Growth

Implementing daily practices like reading scripture, prayer, and fellowship can fortify our faith. Michele’s practice of reading scripture and praying for others during her treatments transformed her pain into a tool for ministry. We can adopt similar habits, such as daily Bible reading and intercessory prayer, to keep our focus on God and His will.

When to Seek Help: The Importance of Community

7. Finding Strength in Christian Community

God did not create us to face life alone; fellowship is key to sustaining our faith. Michele found comfort and strength through the prayers and support of her community. The early church exemplified this in Acts 2:42-47, where believers met regularly to pray, break bread, and support one another. Similarly, we should actively seek and participate in a community that uplifts and sustains us.

Action Steps for Believers

In conclusion, Michele Cushatt’s testimony and the biblical principles discussed remind us that our faith journey is not passive. Here are practical steps you can take to build and maintain a faith that endures through every trial:

  • Engage in Daily Devotion: Set aside time each day for Bible study and prayer.
  • Join a Faith Community: Become actively involved in church and small groups.
  • Serve Others: Find ways to serve within your community to reflect Christ’s love.
  • Keep a Journal: Record your prayers and God’s answers to strengthen your faith and remember His faithfulness.
  • Seek Christian Counsel: Reach out to a Christian counselor or pastor for guidance and support, especially during challenging times or personal growth.

Michele Cushatt’s experiences and the biblical insights shared today teach us that while storms are inevitable, they are also instrumental in deepening our faith. By implementing these practices, believers can develop a resilient faith that not only endures but also flourishes in the face of life’s challenges.

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