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Divorce will make your child’s depression skyrocket now?

Dad_son_beachThe hardest thing to talk about in couples counseling is the issue of divorce.

Divorce is not supposed to happen. It shouldn’t be part of the plans. The two who make up the relationship are 100% responsible for making sure the marriage stays intact and that maintenance is being kept up to keep the marriage healthy.

Some, unfortunately will end in divorce before seeking any type of marital counsel.

Regardless, the issue of divorce is always heartbreaking and obviously complicates everything. The fact of the matter is that no matter the situation, everybody loses. If there are children in the picture, the loss can sometimes be devastating.

What do the stats say?

Based on the loss of a biological parentthis Canadian study drew from Canada’s National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth that concluded :

Adolescents reported more depression symptoms than young adults and girls reported more than boys.

The period of adolescents is one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. This is where they’re learning to think and decide on their own. Teens will need support in this time as they make their hormonal and emotional changes. To divorce in this time can create many dysfunctional behaviors.

Girls’ depression was predicted by loss of a parent by ages 4 to 8 years and higher self-reported anxiety/depression and aggression at ages 10 to 14 years.

This conclusion may seem surprising to some, but truly is predictable. Unfortunately for those who want to divorce, the need for both parents being involved in the marriage is crucial.

Both (healthy minded) parents together create stability for a child. When that child grows into their teen years, they’re less likely to experience deeper depressions with minimal to moderate anxiety.She_looks_down

Among biological mother-child dyads, maternal depression reported by mother when child was aged 4 to 8 years and 10 to 14 years significantly predicted depression for girls.

Many believe that if they divorce, they can finally be free of stress, problems, etc. This, as it shows in the study, simply isn’t true. The truth is ANYONE who gets divorced IS going to experience grief. Part of the grieving process is depression.

Both parties, I repeat, both parties WILL get depressed because that is a natural emotion one should feel after such a loss. This depression will affect the children. What’s worse? While depression was part of the grieving process the parent needed to go through, the child will show depressive behavior even when there’s nothing to be depressed about because they learned by watching their parent that depression equals “normal”, even though this is a misunderstanding of a child who doesn’t know any better.

At 10 to 14 years, child-reported lower parental monitoring (girls only) and greater parental rejection (boys and girls) predicted depression at ages 16 to 20 years.

Again, divorce comes with many consequences. The grass usually is NOT greener on the other side. You will have to deal with yourself and your children who are hurting on the inside. Even if you get divorced, your children are still going to be your responsibility!

Is there hope for my kids and I after divorce?

It is crucial that you do not even think of getting divorced unless there is clear abuse occurring. Please, seek marriage counseling as soon as you can. If your spouse doesn’t want to comply, you must know that at least you were willing to give counseling a shot. You tried everything that you can in your power. That doesn’t make you a failure.

If there is clear abuse happening and the only conclusion that’s left is divorce, there is still hope for the kids. Make sure they feel as safe and supported as possible. Answer as many questions for them as you can (remember to keep your answer age appropriate) and allow them to grieve on their own terms,as long as they don’t try to harm anyone including themselves.Grief counseling can be very beneficial for the whole family as well as all the support you can get from your Church, friends, support groups, or family.

This is not the end, and God has not abandoned you. You, and many others, will make it; you just have to get through this part. You will make it, you will!

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3 Reasons You Should NOT Buy An Annual Pass


What does your annual pass have to do with counseling?  Tons!

There are about 1 million Disneyland annual pass holders and apparently it is becoming a problem for the Magical Kingdom.  More importantly, is having an annual pass really more of a benefit or a hindrance to you?

I will admit, I’ve had an annual pass to Universal Studios, Disneyland, and currently to Knott’s Berry Farm and yes, it feels great knowing that at any whim, I can get up and go to a theme park. I just flash my V.I.P. badge and suddenly, I’m getting discounts on hats, toys, trinkets, and drinks. It almost makes me feel like I own the place. Oh, the fuzzy feelings!

So, what’s the problem? Here’s three:

1. Promotes how lazy you really are

Wow! You just wanted to show your kids a fun time! Really?

A fun time can be playing hide-and-seek, hiking, biking, or playing in the yard. Why don’t you be creative and explore other possibilities? Heck, you could even bond with your kids by playing video games!

Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain. Free play is one of the greatest benefits to a child’s growth. To quote Dr. Gray in this article:

“Since about 1955 … children’s free play has been continually declining, at least partly because adults have exerted ever-increasing control over children’s activities,”

The truth of the matter is your children need free play where they’re allowed to roam around freely. This is where they learn the most and are able to test the boundaries of life. They will be able to freely find themselves; what they like and don’t like. They learn the rules of life, like the rules of gravity, and it’s consequences. Emotions are tested along with learning how to give and receive through free play which prepares them for life.

I understand that you may be tired from work and just want to relax so you don’t have to think about planning something different on the weekends, but allowing that to be the norm is simply unhealthy.  More importantly, that begs the question; are the passes for your kids enjoyment or your pass from being a parent?

2. Tolerance to expectations

We all have certain expectations and many of us have unrealistic expectations.

Imagine eating your favorite food. You may feel a little excited because you love it and you are going to indulge in it. Now, imagine eating your favorite food every single day. Would you have the same excitement you did when you ate it the first time? No way! This is because your tolerance for it drops. There was a time when servants were fed lobster so much that they couldn’t tolerate any more lobster. Imagine that! Again, even the tolerance to what is considered fine dining can change.

Just the way that our tolerance for food can change, our tolerance for fun will change too. Remember going on your first roller coaster? If you were young, maybe it felt scary, but also exciting. As you grew up or returned to the ride another time, it seemed less scary and less exciting. You may even recall not screaming as much and eventually, bored. Now, imagine, because you can go to your theme park anytime with your annual pass, going on the same rides week after week. The rides will no longer be fun and the Magical Kingdom can become the Annoying Kingdom.

This is a constant battle heard in marriage counseling sessions. Couples are tormented because their children are ungrateful and expect more. But let’s be honest, you created that monster! (Veruca Salt, anyone?)

Certainly, your expectations will change and the excitement you once felt will begin to be replaced with a numbness if you were to overdo it.

3. Full With Emptiness

There’s a direct correlation between laziness and sadness. So even if you went to the “happiest place on earth” everyday, you would just be promoting a lazy lifestyle while guiding your kids the path to being unhappy and ungrateful. That annual pass can give you momentary pleasure, but true joy will never be found through material things. They will be found in your experience and connection to God, and then your close ones. Everything else will truly rust. bust, or gather dust.

Like I said before, I’ve owned many annual passes and currently own one, so I’m not against it. I’ve loved theme parks since I was a child and still feel childlike the moment I enter the gates.

This is just to spark thought and for you (and I) to really reflect on why we need an annual pass. Things can be very fun, but our insatiable appetite will always be left wanting more. So the real question may be Do you have the annual pass or does the annual pass have you?

3 Ways To Guarantee You Stay Married


Nobody, yes, nobody knows what they’re really signing up for when they get married and the divorce stats are proof of that bold statement. It’s like trying to explain love to a 6 year old. It just doesn’t work. You can read all the books on the subject but that could be useless if you don’t realize one main factor. That factor is:

Marriage requires work from both parties.

Sure, you’ve heard that a million times, but do you truly live it? Do both of you truly understand the depths of what trade offs you two must make to have a successful marriage?

That time I sent my poor wife to the Emergency Room

Many years ago (before I did any type of counseling), my wife would get shortness of
breath. Over time, she’d get shortness of breath and the shakes. Then the shakes got more violent when she’d feel like she’d lose control of her body. My wife and I were completely freaked out, and like any good husband would, I rushed her to the E.R. We frantically waited.

Of course, you always think of the worst. Was it some unknown illness? Will they have a cure? Have they seen people go through this before? If so, what is the success rate of people recovering?

The doctor came back with the results. We were waiting to hear a word we’ve never heard of like Yoursickandwillnevergetbetter-itus , but then he said to my wife, “You just had a panic attack.” My wife and I looked at each other completely dumbfounded.

After the E.R., we both just sat in silence in the car. It was eerie. It was awkward. I didn’t expect to hear the words “anxiety” or “panic attack” and I don’t think my wife did either. What does this mean for us? Are we falling apart? Do we not know each other? Have we lost touch? What’s happening to us?

I hated going through that and I hated thinking that, but this was truly one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I realized I did this to my wife. How? What was I missing? Thankfully, I’ve gotten better insight on this because of marriage counseling.

1. Communication

How many times have we heard this one? “You have to communicate. You have to make time for each other.” Yea, but who in the world has time for that?

Well the truth is your excuse is no excuse. Your lack of communication helps the misery you’re in.

Not talking promotes your fantasy. Our brain has an amazing ability to sometimes fill in gaps and can frequently “make up” its own story when it doesn’t have all of the information.

For example, if your spouse showed up at 6 pm sharp everyday, you’ll probably be fine and not need much communication on the subject of when they’re coming home. But, what if your spouse showed up at 9 pm instead, didn’t call to inform you, or didn’t tell you why they were late after they arrived? Naturally, your brain is going to explode into assumptions (filling in the gaps)that, many times, are not realistic. The lack of communication can easily start an argument over our exaggerated assumptions.

Communication in marriage isn’t just chit chatting, it’s one of your greatest sources of information. It’s a gauge into how your spouse is doing and how you two are doing. It is the “board room meeting” of your relationship. It is the distress call on your island. It is the greatest weapon you can have to prevent assumptions and nonsensical arguments.

I lacked good communication with my wife and that aided the E.R. trip that horrific day.

2. Understanding

When I didn’t communicate, I couldn’t understand what went wrong. I couldn’t see her point, because I really didn’t understand it. Instead my assumptions and my selfish ways just blamed.Marriage-succeeds-when-you

We love to blame. Blaming says, “You’re the problem, not me. Go fix yourself and hurry up, I don’t have all day!” When you blame, you’re just telling us how much you may not want to understand. Whether it’s anger, depression, jealousy, or just simply laziness, you owe it to your spouse to have a heart of understanding. Did you forget? You’re not the only one in this relationship!

Understanding works when you’re willing to also be patient. The two go hand in hand. By the way, why are you so impatient? It can’t always be about you. When you’ve made yourself the sole attention, you’ve stolen the attention from your relationship. This is where the attention is supposed to belong.

If you can communicate, you are already light years ahead of many. Now you must slow down and be willing to understand. This is where your deepest connection to your spouse is; understanding. No marriage lasts without understanding.

Be willing to understand even if you don’t understand. That means you must find a way to say, “I don’t get it, but I’m willing. Please give me some time to get it.”

After some deep communication with my wife, I realized what I was doing wrong. I was placing demands on her that was opposite of her temperament and I wasn’t fulfilling her temperament needs. If you know each others temperament, you will better be able to interpret what your spouse is really saying.

Have you ever seen a couple talk by making eye contact with each other? That’s because they get it; they understand one another. In fact, they understand each other so well that they’ve even developed their own language spoken through eyes. How amazing is that? We at Finally Alive Counseling can teach you these valuable skills in Marriage Counseling.

3. Sacrifice

If communication and understanding is easy for you, then sacrifice may be your issue.

Sacrifice says, “You first”, “You can have the last piece of…”, “Don’t worry about me. Tonight, it’s all about you.” I hope you get the theme. None of those examples involved the word “I”. That’s right; sacrifice is selfless!

This selflessness is the most vulnerable feeling you will ever feel. You ARE leaving yourself open for hurt and rejection. If this is a problem for you, please seek individual counseling because that may be something that you must deal with which probably stems from your past.

I can already hear some saying it. “But, that ‘s not fair! Why should I sacrifice myself for my spouse who won’t sacrifice for me?” That’s an excellent question, but a better question is: Why don’t they sacrifice for you? Is it possible you haven’t sacrificed? And if you have, maybe you haven’t sacrificed what your spouse really needs.

I can think of countless times that I’ve seen a couple grumble over this. One spouse sacrifices there time to do something extravagant, when all the other spouse wanted all along was to be understood. But, if they communicated and understood each other, this problem would have never happened.

It’s unfortunate how easily some problems can be fixed if we just communicated, understood ,and sacrificed.

Please realize sacrifice is different than losing yourself. Losing yourself is extremely unhealthy. For example, a wife who covers up her husbands drug addiction isn’t sacrificing. She’s enabling her husband while losing herself. This is NOT good for either person. Sacrificing, in this scenario, would be for the wife to begin with prayer, then get individual counseling to get an unbiased opinion on how to navigate this difficulty, and encourage her husband to get addiction counseling.  This will tend to start arguments, but she is sacrificing her feeling of happiness for his health. That is a true selflessness.

That period in my life was very difficult for me, but by the grace of God, we were able to see, grow, and fight through what was the root cause of her anxiety.Nobody wants bad things to happen, but if they happen, be willing to communicate, understand and sacrifice.

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Finally Alive Counseling is located in the beautiful city of Brea, CA.
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Why do opposites attract when it comes to relationships?



I find a common theme in many couples counseling sessions. That is that many relationships consist of two people who are very different than one another. One might be very talkative, but the other very quiet. One might be very outgoing and straightforward, while the other timid. How does this happen? How do they find each other?

The balancing act in relationships

Fire and water can’t exist in the same place. A liquid and a solid can’t take up the same space. If those opposites don’t mesh, how can a “happy-go-lucky” type of person mesh with a person who is very serious? So is this some kind of sick joke that we play on ourselves? The truth is they don’t mesh, they compliment.

Both water and fire are necessary in life, but we never use both for the same purpose. For example: What would you tell me if I was trying to barbecue with water. You might call me crazy and have me contact a counselor to diagnose my head because you use fire and not water to grill your food. But what would you tell me if I was trying to clean my utensils with fire. You would be convinced that there was something wrong with me because you use water, not fire, to clean your utensils.

The members in a relationship are no different than the fire and water example above. You need both, but not always for the same things at the same time. If you are the serious type, then chances are that you tend to worry and stress often. If your mate is the opposite, they will compliment you by revealing the bright side of things. Opposite attraction in a relationship can create a couple that can cope better organically. When both parties in the relationship are mentally healthy, the opposite attraction becomes a balance between spontaneity and over thinking which is deathly necessary.

How do opposites even attract if they are opposites?

There are tons of theories on this phenomenon. It only makes sense to choose a mate that has similar interests and is similar to you. After all, there’s comfort in what we’re used to, right?

My theory on this:

The serious type tends to be quiet, wound up, often stressed, worried, and overthinks. When they encounter someone who doesn’t seem to have these types of burdens, it is almost awe inspiring. Perhaps sub-consciously, they are thinking, “Wow! How can they carry themselves that way? I wish I could do that.” For the serious type, it is almost amusing and an enjoyable site. Since they are not extroverts, it is an intriguing phenomenon to them. Of course, I don’t believe people are outright thinking this, but I believe if you think about it, the serious type might notice it.

The “happy skippy” type tends to be the socialite, star of the show, can put a smile on almost anyone’s face, and can easily talk to anyone. I believe that, for the most part, it may be a more  off-the-cuff type decision for them to enter a relationship with the serious type because, when thought through, it just wouldn’t make sense. But we must realize, the socialite doesn’t like quiet, so it is a bit of a challenge to get the serious one to come out of their shell. They can’t comprehend why anyone could be down, everyone has to be HAPPY! The socialite will take on the challenge on a whim to be able to still be the “star of the show”. Nothing wrong with this as long as it stays healthy and not abusive for either party.

Neither type is better than the other, they both have their strengths. The secret in couples counseling is to find ways to make it compliment and work together.

How do opposites even find each other?

There isn’t one answer to this, but more than likely it is going to be the more outgoing one who will make bolder moves. The quiet type may tend to be more reserved, so they might be more of a reactor than an actor. You can even see the chemistry in this work as complimentary to each other.

This is not to say that a reserved person can’t approach people. The point is that it’s just not there thing. Approach just tends to be the outgoing persons forte.

The fact of the matter is that we all need each other because we all compliment each other. We can’t know how to truly love unless we know what to truly hate, otherwise what is love worth? We can’t have people who are always too serious, because then life would be boring. On the other hand we can’t have people who aren’t serious, because we’d get nothing done. So you see, we need them both.

If opposites attract because we need variety, then variety truly is the spice of life.

Have too much to do? Slow down!


Many people see a counselor for anxiety, stress, and depression counseling. It’s inevitable to experience any of these, especially when we’ve experienced something traumatic in our relationships or marriage. One thing we can do is slow down.

We live in a society that is constantly about moving. Literally, a “Go!Go!Go!” society that needed the job done yesterday. We have to work, make sure dinner’s ready or eat out (but just today because we plan on eating healthier tomorrow), pick up the kids art supplies for school (Did they say red glue, blue ribbon or red ribbon, blue glue?), pick up the bosses suit (By the way, where did I put the receipt for that?), make it in time for church because one of the ushers got sick, exercise (Was it cardio today?), and the list goes on!

The worst part is that this so-called list will never shrink. There will always be one more thing you had to add or forgot to do. No wonder everyone is always stressed out and irritated! Who in their right minds would dare to slow down?Hopefully, you.

To make this point, I will use a Bible verse that many are familiar with:

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

Genesis 2:2-3

God makes the rest day “Holy”. We have funny ideas about that word, but truly, all it means is to set apart. So God literally set the rest day apart from the other days. The “rest days” function is special and is completely different from the other six days.

You must ask the question, “Why would God need rest?” The answer is obvious, He doesn’t. His objective is to layout a pattern for us to follow, in this case, to rest.

So what is “rest”?

Resting is to completely stop working. This in itself feels incredibly therapeutic as you finally allow yourself to relax, feel refreshed, recover, and most importantly enjoy! It helps us to reflect, gather our thoughts, and gets us out of life’s loop for a little while. We give everything and everyone a rest in our lives, but we rarely allow the proper rest for ourselves.

Resting is life’s mini reset button.  Giving ourselves that little bit of time to have fun and enjoy some less responsibility shouldn’t be an option, it should be a requirement. That little pause that lasts a day helps you to start the week again much more alert and energetic. (If you’re not feeling alert or energetic, please talk to and individual counselor about stress and anxiety counseling.)

When we look at the pattern in the creation sequence, we see God completing His work in the six days, therefore having a seventh to rest on. This also tells us that enough of the work must have been completed to be able to afford a rest day. How important rest must be to even list it this close to the opening pages of the Bible.

Similar to rest is the art of slowing down. Can you think of times when you rushed through things? It’s not going to be the newest gadget or the next As Seen on TV novelty item (yes, I’m talking about your Shamwow) that’s going to help you manage things better so you can finally slow down. I will explain what you can do to start slowing down and different things you can do to slow down and yes, even get some rest.

What is Grief?


More on grief counselor in Brea.

“I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Grief is something that we will all experience one day or another. It is a very normal process and should not be looked down upon.

We tend to connect these feelings to the death of a loved one.

Many feel grief when a close friend moves away or stops talking to them. Others experience it when they get fired or laid off from work. How could grief be all of these and they didn’t involve anyone passing away? Honestly, it’s because many haven’t defined grief correctly.

Defining Grief

Think about what all the scenarios above had in common. A loss of a loved one, a loss of a job, and a loss of companionship. Therefore, the root cause of grief is loss.

From losing a game to losing a significant other, we’ve all lost something. The differences though is how important what we lost was.

For example, you may get sad if you lost your child’s baseball glove, but you’d grieve if you lost your child. Notice that both examples included something lost, but the intensity was defined by the degree of importance (child’s glove vs. child).

Different levels of maturity will also define how one processes grief. For example a child may grieve over their dead gold fish that they owned for a matter of hours, where the parent may complain saying, “Why haven’t you thrown the gold fish away yet?”

Grief and its course

Are there time limits on grief? How long should I grieve? What if I don’t feel like I’m grieving? What if I don’t feel like I have to grieve?

Each person will express grief in their own way and in ways they’re comfortable with. There aren’t time limits on how long one should grieve as long as the idea that “Life still goes on” is understood. This is not to be insensitive to your loss, simply the reality. 

Grieving processes will differ and could be substantially cut down with a grief counselor. This process will require that you are open, patient, as grieving doesn’t finish overnight, strong because you are facing something you don’t want to face, and supported with people such as family, friends, and counselors. 

A grief counselor will help you through this time of trouble. The friends and family will help with the grieving process to help ease your pain, but the grief counselor will help you get through and help you heal from the pain as the grief tends to bring disorientation to your life’s circumstances.

If you or someone you know might be suffering from grief, contact us now so we can talk about our Grief Counseling in Brea or Loss Counseling in Brea.

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Finally Alive Counseling is located in the beautiful city of Brea, CA.
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5 Reasons why you’re going to fail

In life we will go through many trials, but some people have a better way of handling it. In counseling I’m able to see them all and have begun to see a pattern of why some people will always be a failure.

Here are five:


1. The lacking planner

We’ve heard the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. That couldn’t be truer in some couples counseling sessions.

Many times I’ve asked couples what their goal in counseling is and they both give me a blank stare. It’s obvious that having a goal was never a goal.

2. The Articulate Critic

Have you ever experienced a person who was never happy? You know the one that always has an excuse or has an opinion about everything.

How about those that are impossible to please. You go to a restaurant, they order a burger, and give the waiter specific instructions on how to cook the meat (as if the cook has never done this). Of course, when they get their food, they’re disgusted and outraged on why they didn’t cook it right.

Well, I call this person the Articulate Critic. I have been criticized for my clothes and other facets. Why doesn’t it drive me crazy? Because they’re scared, so their defenses are on high. It’s a protecting mechanism, but more importantly, they have created a path out of counseling.

This critic will articulate everything that is horrible about you to avoid the real problem, themselves. Some will even stop coming to counseling because, “If the counselor was closer to my work”, “If the counselor was younger/ older so they can relate to me”, or “If the counselor wouldn’t wear that, I could take them more seriously”. Very articulate, but no substance to the argument.

3. The Hopeless romantic

“But we were made for each other.” “God put this person in my path because…” and we can go on forever.

I call these Hopeless Romantics because everything sounds like a movie quote or some novel. Here’s the issue with this; their sources are movies and novels, not real life!

4. The Webmd professor

I know we all go online to self (mis)diagnose and as we do that, we begin to learn new terms and definitions. Then we also like to take this (mis)information and pretend we’ve just magically bypassed any type of formal schooling because we’ve read the entire paragraph which makes us experts.

OK, you see the satire, but it doesn’t make it any less true. We’re all guilty of this and that becomes our folly. As great as these websites are, they’re in no way a formal diagnosis and can lead you down a worse path.

5. The Love Doctors groupie

There are some wonderful books out their about any subject under the sun. The only problem is that many books are like conversations that you walked in on. You don’t know how or why it started. Sure, you can get the gist of it, but many times, you miss an important point, and now your misunderstanding has given birth to a rumor.

I highly recommend reading books, but don’t forget most self-help books are written to a general audience, thus some important aspects may not be mentioned or may be completely ignored.

I hope you see that this isn’t meant to put people down, but rather educate you, the reader. Life can be intimidating and the key is to face the facts and prevent being a loser.

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Finally Alive Counseling is located in the beautiful city of Brea, CA.
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CoStuCollege Students can now receive Affordable Counseling!

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If you are suffering with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or anger, individual counseling is available for you!

If you are experiencing problems with your relationships, we’re also offering couples counseling for college students.

The care that you need is here and now, it’s affordable. You have no more excuses!

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Wellness Festival 2014

Finally Alive Counseling is pleased to announce that they will be attending the Wellness Festival in the beautiful city of Brea on September 27, 2014. They will be passing out information on our individual counseling and couples counseling/ marriage counseling services. Come by and say, “Hi!” They’ll be located at space 62.

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The City of Brea’s Wellness Festival

Wellness Festival

The City of Brea proudly presents the return of its Wellness Festival on Saturday, September 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Brea Community Center. The event will showcase a variety of specialties, free medical screenings, cutting edge fitness trends, alternative and holistic medicine, free massages, heart healthy food samples and a Zumba Jam at 2 p.m. Flu shots will also be available for $15.

Admission and parking for the event are FREE.

Wellness Festival Exclusives
Come to the Wellness Festival to purchase these sensational savings! Save up to 25% off on select fitness programs. From a 3-month fitness pass for only $60 to TRX, Boot Camp, massage and more. They’re only available for purchase at the Wellness Festival.

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