Supine Temperament

Most temperament tests will not include the supine temperament and this is unique to our temperament test. There was always a temperament that didn’t quite fit the mold of all the other temperaments and this is it; the Supine temperament. The discovery of the supine temperament has made the temperament test result and temperament therapy much more accurate and beneficial.

The Supine temperament is described as “the gentle spirit”.

This is every bosses dream employee as the supine temperament is very loyal. They are the greatest servants and just about live to serve. They will uphold the laws/ rules to the utmost and will enforce them for the boss as a sub-leader roll as they uphold all that the leader upholds.

The supine love people and doing things for them to show their love. They will go out of their way many times to help, for example, a friend in need, many times, not thinking of their own needs. They tend not to share their thoughts, but expect others to know what they want. A supine doesn’t like making decision, but would like to be involved in the process if a decision was being made about their life.

The supine temperament will tend to become dependent on others as they don’t like to make decisions and if you double cross a Supine bad enough, make sure to sleep with one eye open. They tend to bottle up their anger which they describe as “hurt feelings” and will explode if they are being abused.

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