Choleric Temperament

Ever had a friend who had to have his way or else? Ever wondered, “Who made this guy the boss?” when you were working on a team project? Well those are very choleric temperament tendencies.

Choleric’s are the leaders.

They tend to be the bossy ones of the group, even if their title isn’t “boss”. The choleric temperament is the most dominant of the temperaments. In a movie, the Choleric may be the hero or the villain. Darth Vader from Star Wars and William Wallace from Braveheart both had choleric temperament tendencies as did Adolf Hitler and the Apostle Paul. I give very huge opposites to show that good or bad is not the issue of the choleric temperament, but rather its dominance.

Have you ever tried to change a bosses mind? Most of the time, especially if they’re the choleric temperament, it’s next to impossible as they tend to be tough willed and will rarely change their mind, even if they’re wrong. Control over self and others is key for Choleric to the extent that they know what’s best for your life and they usually will impose their ways on you.

If you don’t follow suit, watch out for their anger. Choleric’s are famous for their anger, because that is the main emotion they will express. Emotions to the choleric temperament mean nothing. In fact, they consider them useless, but they will use any emotion to manipulate a person so that the choleric temperament will get his way

Choleric’s are self centered and consider their way always right even if it is wrong. Your opinion doesn’t matter, only the choleric’s does.

For the choleric temperament, their goal is all that matters. When they take on a project, it will get done no matter what the cost, even if that includes you.

They are known to overwork themselves to extreme exhaustion as many times, their body must physically give out or become ill for them to stop their task and then the choleric temperament gets angry.

Are you a Choleric? Find out your temperament now!

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