Treatment for Addiction

One of the hardest things a person with an addiction must do is admit. Admitting to their problems, their faults, and most importantly, that they are addicted. Once this has been established, now they must get the appropriate help that’s required. You can find all sorts of different ways of getting help from personal therapy to group therapy.

Depending on your circumstances, what you’re addicted to and how long, will dictate what sort of treatment you need from the following:

Addiction classes

You can find classes that teach you about different substances. This knowledge can be a bit of a wake up call for the user as to see what will happen to them, their body, and their lives if they continue on their path. This could be more suitable for youth and those who have become addicted more recently.

Treatment Centers

Treatment centers for addiction may have an inpatient option where you can stay there. It’s like a hotel to get sober and relapse prevention. They tend to have 24 hour staff to meet your any needs. It all depends on how much, how long, and what level of addiction one may be at.

Group Therapy

These are you Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This type of therapy tends not to have an inpatient option. Typically, you will have a group of people with similar addictions come into a room to learn and share their experiences in life and their addictions. This is quite an eye opener and comforting for those who choose to join it as you no longer feel like you’re the only one going through this alone.

One on One Addiction Counseling

This tends to be one of the best options. An addiction counselor will be trained to help you with what you need and how you need it. Our treatment for addiction takes into account the persons innate nature, character, and habits to give the counselee a “full treatment”. Different people have different triggers to relapse and we take those into consideration too.

If you or someone you know might be suffering from an addiction, contact us now so we can talk about our addiction counseling in Anaheim Hills. Your first visit will be complimentary.

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-N.C.C.A. Professional Clinical Member -Ordained Minister, Lighthouse of Faith Christian Fellowship -N.C.C.A. Certified Temperament Counselor -N.C.C.A. Licensed Pastoral Counselor


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